Update: May 14th

Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been sort of in a holding pattern for the last few months: very busy with my new business start-up while still finishing up at my old job. I’ve also had really awful colds this year. They seem to be hitting everyone hard, though, so while they were terrible, it’s always comforting to know it isn’t just me.

My doc tried me on a new sleep med, Trazadone, but I only made it through one night. It left me groggy and miserable at the lowest dosage. Oh well. Mostly I’m sleeping okay now.

Except for last night, when my feet were absolutely killing me. I have been neglecting the chiropractor for the last few weeks, and have cut down on massages. Boy, am I feeling it! I have an almost pathological need to walk all the time, like restless leg but when I’m awake, but then when I do… oh my aching feet!

That said, I’m sort of hard-core about walking through the pain. Perhaps this is my body getting ready for the trips I’ll be leading starting in June.

Must see the chiropractor tomorrow :).