Update: December 7th

I feel like I ought to title this: a day that will live in infamy, except it totally isn’t, in terms of my illness.

Back in September, I fell and tore a muscle in my back. I was shocked at how long the pain lingered. Only in the last week and a half have I felt pretty much recovered. So I’m back to “normal.” But what does that mean?

Most of the time, I’m low on the pain scale. On that smiley-face-to-frowny-face thing they use in the doctor’s office, I’m sort of neutral. I realized the other day that I don’t really ever end up on the smiley-face end of the scale any more. Chronic pain really stinks.

Last week I was manic as heck: I was working like crazy, doing all sorts of projects, and unable to sleep until 1 or 2 am. I’ve never identified these phases in the illness as “manic” before, but that’s clearly what it was. I think it’s really the absence of severe pain that does it: suddenly my body has all this excess nervous energy to burn off. This week, it’s clearly gone and I’m feeling relatively calm again.

My fingers hurt when typing, and my toes and lower back are tingly when I sit for any length of time, but otherwise, I’m good. We’ll see how long it lasts!

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